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Textures x2; Mask brushes x1; Decorative squares x1

Two new texture sets, a masking brush set (imagepack and Photoshop brush) and an experimental 'decorative squares' set (imagepack and Photoshop brush). I also made a slight change to the preview style I've been using, and yet the size of the whole preview stayed almost the same. Now it has twice the texturey goodness to show, and it's cuter. :D

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download imagepack (deviant art)

download imagepack (deviant art)

download imagepack & .abr for PS CS2 (deviant art)

download imagepack & .abr for PS CS2 (deviant art)
Tags: brush set: decorative squares, brush set: masks, graphic resource: brushes, graphic resource: textures (icon sized), graphic resource: textures (large sized), maker: regen

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