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spaced_oddity's resource page.

last updated: May 2006

zaphod_bb icons:
Organized in the memories here.

brushes & texture resources:

dearest for textures
colorfilter for textures
teh_indy for brushes
bombayicons for textures
dandizette for textures
miggy for brushes
_euroticket for brushes

screencap & image credits

teh_indy for Benny & Joon and Jurassic Park caps
oxoniensis for Spider-Man 2 caps
onyourown for Reservoir Dogs caps
__kali__ for Doctor Who 2005/2006 caps
(Ninth Doctor series caps @ Stakes & Stones Screencaps and Tenth Doctor series caps @ Adventures in Time & Space)
cap_it for most other screencaps in general

** some screencaps are my own; if you're curious about where something came from, just ask.

websites for images

BBC's official Doctor Who page (new & classic series)
Doctor Who Image Archive (classic series)
After-Shock: A Doctor/Rose Image Site
Fan de Audrey Tautou
The One and Only Doctor #4
The Gallery @ Chaotic Creative (Doctor Who screencaps)
Rosario Dawson Online
Conan O'
The Palin & Idle 24-Hour Network
Stock.XCHNG (stock images)

and many images come from Google, of course.

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