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Resources: F.A.Q.

Last Updated: June 21st, 2006

Do I have to join the community to see the posts?

No, but if you like what you see, we do encourage you to join, so you can keep track of the posts as they come.

Do I have to comment whenever I take icons?

For the sake of regen & spaced_oddity's inboxes, if you're taking icons from many different posts at one time, we'd prefer that you only comment on one of the posts, and mention that you'll be looking at others, too.

Do I have to credit?

We'd definitely prefer you did.

How do I credit?

We've posted a tutorial on crediting here.

How do I request an icon?

The best way to go about requesting an icon is to visit our suggestion post.

Is it alright if I take this icon?

Of course, as long as you credit. The reason we post icons is to share; not to boast our talents or whatnot.

What does your username mean?

apparating refers to apparition from the Harry Potter series, one interest that all three of us share. We wish that we could apparate.

What font is that?

At the moment, we don't have a full list of fonts that we use, but you can be pretty much guaranteed that it either came with Windows or it's from DaFont. If you'd like to know the name of a font, you can either:

  1. Ask us (with a specific reference to the icon), though we may not respond right away, or:

  2. Ask at fontaddicts, which is a very useful community.

What program do you use?

regen and spaced_oddity both use Adobe Photoshop CS2, while opiumgaze has only recently gotten Photoshop CS (& is deeply in love with it!)

Where did you find that picture?

You can find our resource posts (which include a list of picture credits) here.

Who do I credit?

Preferably, the actual maker of the icon. (Being opiumgaze, regen or spaced_oddity.)

Who made your layout, and what is it of?

Our layout is of Barty Crouch Jr. from Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire, who we wouldn't lust after so were it not for the amazing David Tennant. The header was made by regen, and the actual coding was done by opiumgaze.

Will you make me a layout?

At the moment, no. However, opiumgaze is toying with the prospect of doing layout commissions, so be sure to contact her if you are interested, and she'll let you know the finer details once she works them out.

If you have anything to ask (which we've not already covered), this is the place to do so.
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