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spaced_oddity: Achewood icons! (mostly of philippe because how can you not love that little dude)

Hello, guys and dolls! Remember me? Perhaps not. That's okay. I've been out of the icon-making practice for some time, thanks to my losing a version of Photoshop that doesn't freeze every five to ten minutes.

These aren't much, but I made a bunch of Achewood icons to amuse myself because I've just recently discovered this enjoyable little web comic. It is about an innocent romp through the lives of several cats and a group of stuffed animals. And when I say 'innocent', I mean 'not at all oh god don't let kids read it'. Here is the comic's website.

+ credit unnecessary for these particular icons (cropping and resizing is not worth beans), although it'd help get more traffic for our little community, so feel free to do it!
+ comment with your favourite Achewood strip if you feel up to it. This is one of mine. Oh Beef, you big hot tranny mess.


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