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past entries @ bombayicons

Bases: 01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05 - 06

Icons: Organized in the memories HERE.

Textures/Brushes: Organized in the memories HERE.

Tutorials: Using light textures // Text for Dummies // Creating a Base // Colouring Tutorial #1 // Colouring Tutorial #2 - Bright/Vivid Cartoon Images

various resources

crumblingwalls for brushes
teh_indy for brushes
inexorablyhere for brushes
dark_soul_lost for brushes
elijah_wood_fan for brushes and textures
lovetheories for brushes
inxsomniax for brushes
lily_sunshine for brushes
eightyfour__ for brushes
innocenceagain for brushes
torchicon for brushes
morayasicons for brushes
kimberly_a for brushes
my_wonderful for brushes
meleada for brushes
_joni for brushes
graphicjunkie for brushes
miggy for brushes
onebigshrug for brushes
saihara for brushes
alidesigns for brushes
bittersweet_art for brushes
exit47 for brushes
___candyrain for brushes
77words for brushes
cosmo_mouse for brushes
peaceinshadows for brushes
firaga for brushes
honerbright for brushes and textures
julia_thorne13 for brushes and textures
firithel_icons for brushes and textures
drave for brushes and patterns
detoxcocktails for gradients and textures
dissonanceburn for gradients
x__brandnew for gradients
noctuidae for gradients
roseicons for gradients
lysrouge for textures and gradients
hotoko for textures
jubilli for textures
disappearicons for textures, gradients, and bases
disorderedmind for textures
cdg_brushes for textures
iconisms for textures
spaceyme for textures
colormered_cons for textures
wickedripeplum for textures
floorshow for textures
tiniamishi for textures
blimey_icons for textures
candycrack for textures
fuzzy for textures
colorfilter for textures
dearest for textures
immoral for textures
mythographica for textures
scarsonchest for textures
wound3d for textures
filipinoz_rule for textures
hisatomi for textures
fightstarr for textures
nardasarmy for textures
blondishly for textures
_hakanaidreams for textures
dactyliotheca for textures
ohfreckle for textures
sofuckenvicious for textures

Additional brushes/textures provided by:

Digital Bristle Brushes

screencap & image credits

Phantom of the Opera screencaps provided by spikesbint.
Additional Phantom of the Opera screencaps provided by endlessdeep.
The Land Before Time screencaps provided by kurogane.
Sailor Moon Stars screencaps provided by kurogane.
Final Fantasy 12 trailer screencaps provided by erniemay.
The Fifth Element screencaps provided by chiron_slade.
The Last Unicorn screencaps provided by thestalkycop.
Legend screencaps provided by _crayon_rosary.
Romeo & Juliet screencaps provided by crumblingwalls.
Cruel Intentions screencaps provided by crumblingwalls.
Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban screencaps provided by crumblingwalls.
Return of the King screencaps provided by crumblingwalls.
Star Wars 3 trailer screencaps provided by oxoniensis.
City of Angels screencaps provided by lovebit.
Sin City trailer screencaps provided by cinema_eyes.
Harry Potter Puppet Pals screencaps provided by lyrebird.
Fantasia 2000 (the Firebird Suite) screencaps provided by miggy.
The Great Mouse Detective screencaps provided by withpaperwings_.
Red Dragon screencaps provided by goddess_raven.
Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events screencaps provided by tehshroom.
Fantasia screencaps provided by peacefully.
Bambi screencaps provided by peacefully.
Face/Off screencaps provided by peacefully.
Kiss The Girls screencaps provided by peacefully.
Beauty and the Beast screencaps provided by prettywitchstar.
The Cell screencaps provided by perletwo.
Death To Smoochy screencaps provided by cyrilavenue.
Lady Chatterly screencaps provided by sinister_beauty.
Sin City (whole movie) screencaps provided by deadbetty.
Star Wars Episode I screencaps provided by deadbetty.
Weezer: "Beverly Hills" video screencaps provided by space_geek.
Oz screencaps provided by u16_girl.
Law and Order: SVU "Intoxicated" screencaps provided by svu_fan_4ever.
Law and Order: SVU "Day" and "Night" screencaps provided by svu_fan_4ever.
Law and Order: SVU "Hooked" screencaps provided by space_coyote513.
Law and Order: SVU "Loss" screencaps provided by spectralsoul.
AIR screencaps provided by shizu_bara.
Collateral screencaps provided by wyntermoonwolf.
Law and Order: SVU screencaps provided by captain_sam.
Spirited Away screencaps provided by jacklemmon.
The Nightmare Before Christmas screencaps provided by: callmefreak.
Final Fantasy - Last Order screencaps provided by innocentlyjaded.
Final Fantasy: Advent Children screencaps provided by herbskillz.
Final Fantasy: Advent Children screencaps provided by sweet100x100 and fiesty_red.
Memoirs of a Geisha trailer caps provided by kooky_mungo.
Chronicles of Narnia: TLTW&TW images provided by dj43 and thephotobox.
Kingdom Hearts screencaps provided by mizugazipan, bravo_icons and younger.
Sleepy Hollow screencaps provided by screencaphaven.
V For Vendetta (trailer) screencaps provided by edele.
Pride and Prejudice (2005) screencaps provided by lh2005.
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (trailer) screencaps provided by chosenword.
X-Men 3: The Last Stand trailer screencaps provided by: edele.
Queer As Folk(US) screencaps provided by: cheapcrowd.
Queer As Folk (US) screencaps provided by: marishna.
House MD screencaps provided by: bluebear_74.
Dexter screencaps provided by: totally_tinus.

These are the websites I use the most when I'm in search of images, particularily video game and anime. - an image forum that hosts a lot of original CG and anime work. This site is known to be littered with hentai so caution to those who choose to go there and are offended by that material. - a great site that offers a wide range of anime image collections, listed by character. - a good wallpaper site. - carries a good variety of anime image galleries.
Croissant de Lune - a [French] Sailor Moon fansite where I found most of the images I use from that series.
Vanilla - A great site featuring some great fanfics and image galleries for Gravitation, Houshin Engi, and Yami no Matsuei.
Final Fantasy Shrine Finder - a site that is dedicated to listing Final Fantasy character shrines that are listed by game. - the best Final Fantasy: Advent Children site I've found. Contains lots of screens, images, scans, wallpapers, and trailers for the upcoming movie.
Mirage - a Shuyin fansite. - a Yuna fansite that covers both Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2.
Silence and Motion - a complete set of Final Fantasy VIII screenshots sorted by disc. - sheer brilliance. - an excellent source for images of all sorts.
Free - a great place to get stock images. - another place for stock images.
Stock.xchng - another stock images site. - my favourite site for finding the best images of Nicole Kidman, one of my favourite actresses ever liek woah.
Phantom Phan Gallery - If you're looking for Phantom of the Opera images, this is the place to look.
Sean Bean resources - A good site for information and screen captures of productions featuring the lovely Sean Bean.
Lena & Yulia - Features an extensive image gallery of the two girls of T.A.T.U.
The - Another good site for die-hard Phantom phans fans.
Misadventure - A Riku (Kingdom Hearts) fan site. Includes a gallery.
Splinter Cell World - a site dedicated to the Splinter Cell games. Includes artwork and screenshots from the games.
Backstreet Boys Unlimited - a BSB photo gallery.
Cate Blanchett Online - pretty self-explanatory. :D
Christopher Meloni Online - the official homepage of the one and only.
Colin Farrell - a fansite - A site dedicated to Colin Farrell.
David Thewlis Online - a site dedicated to David Thewlis. Spread the love.
Edward - a nice Edward Norton fansite.
Gary Oldman Online - self-explanatory.
Capture The Moment - contains screencaps for Fruits Basket and Inuyasha.
GLORIOSA - various Final Fantasy media.
FFCompilation - Final Fantasy resources.

And when all else fails, there's always Google. :D
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